16, Jan 2023
what is phygital marketing ?

“Phygital” is a term used to describe the integration of physical and digital marketing strategies. Phygital marketing is an approach that combines the best of physical and digital marketing to create a seamless, multi-channel customer experience.

In a phygital marketing strategy, businesses use physical touchpoints such as in-store displays, events, and billboards to engage customers and drive foot traffic, while also using digital touchpoints such as social media, email, and mobile apps to create personalized, targeted marketing campaigns that are accessible to customers anytime, anywhere.

Some examples of phygital marketing are:

  • QR code in the physical store directs to website or mobile app
  • Virtual reality experiences in the store
  • Augmented reality in product packaging
  • Use of in-store beacons to send personalized offers to customer’s mobile devices
  • Use of geofencing to send location-based offers to potential customers near the store.

Phygital marketing allows businesses to create a holistic customer experience that combines the convenience and personalization of digital marketing with the tactile, sensory engagement of physical marketing.

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